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Short mag from Ryan (英語のみ)

Last week, everyone at my company received an
invitation to a company barbecue party. Here is what
the invitation looked like:

When: 3/22/02 - 2:00 - ????
Where: ABC's back parking lot
What: BBQ; Games; Prizes and More
Food: Hamburgers (including veggieburgers),
      Hot Dogs, Potato Salad, Green Salad,
      Baked Beans, Chips, Dip, Sodas, etc.
      Alcoholic beverages, after 4:00
Why: Celebrate our latest quarterly profits and
      have a good time.

Traditional BBQ parties have hamburgers and hot dogs.
Our company has many vegetarians, so they served
veggieburgers too.

On Friday 3/22 (the day of the BBQ party), we got
another message:

Let's meet in the cafeteria at 1pm and try and beat
the rain!

It rained anyway, so we had to have our BBQ party in
the cafeteria instead of outside. Oh well. Maybe next
time. We played some games and had fun anyway. Strange
weather we have been having lately, huh?

1. BBQ: This is short for Barbecue. It means cooking
things over hot coals or a fire. Sometimes we say
things like "We are having a Barbecue. Do you want to
come over?"
2. Veggieburgers: Hamburgers that are made completely from
vegetables with no meat (some have eggs, some don't).
Here is one recipe to make them:
Burger King in the United States, just started selling
veggie burgers:
3. Beat the rain: Finish before the rain starts. Can also
say "Beat the traffic" as in "I'm going to leave early
today to beat the traffic". This means that you want to
finish driving home before the traffic gets too busy.


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