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Short mag from Ryan (英語のみ)

Each day I drive to my office to work. Today
I worked at my house. In America, this is called
"Telecommuting". I used my computer to "dial-in"
to the office. This means that my computer was
connected to the office, just like when I am
there. I could read my email, work on my
projects and call people. Sometimes I wish I
could do this everyday!

There was a meeting today. I "conferenced in".
This means that I called a special speaker phone
in the conference room from my house, so everyone
could hear my voice. It was just like I was
there. People do this a lot at my company.

Sometimes when I am "telecommuting" I am really
just watching TV... Don't tell my boss!

1. Telecommuting: Working at home instead of going
to the office.
2. Dial-in: Connecting electronically to the office.
Sometimes this is used when computers are
connected and sometimes it is used when you just
use the telephone to call.
3. Conference in: To join a meeting using your
telephone. Some companies have video too. I don't
want my co-workers to see my pajamas so I just
use the telephone.


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